With the weapon of IEYC (international early years curriculum), Global Sevilla offers a total of 5 programs for the kindergarten school. But for you who has children under 4 years old, or on the preschool ages, you can enroll them in Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta. Without further ado, here are three programs or classes you can choose for your children.

Three Pre-Kindergarten Classes Or Program At Global Sevilla

1. Toddler Program For 1.5 To 2 Years Old Kids

The youngest class is open for the toddler program. The children under the ages of 2 years old will be assigned to a class full of joy and fun. In the middle of their enjoyment, students will be lead to learn basic skills such as recognizing color, shapes, and confidence. This method is the focus of the program, which is later given in the form of entertaining and fun activities.  

2. Pre-Nursery Class For 2 – 3 Years Old

In these programs, the student should have learned some of the basic skills. Thus, class activities will be larger, bigger, and more challenging. The main focus of the preschool Jakarta program is to encourage students to learn using the sensory fun method. It is an approach that will help develop students’ creativity and motoric skills through examples.

To make it more purposeful without losing its fun and entertaining manners, some of the activities will balance students’ initiative and teacher guidance. Young learners will be encouraged to do creative craft projects, doing simple arts, perform interesting motor activities, recite and understand songs, and many fun projects.

3. Preschool Or Nursery Class For 3 To Four Years Old

In this stage, students have gone from very simple learning to sensory fun. Thus, they are expected to developing more skills, self-awareness, and confidence. There will be numerous challenges and activities that encourage them to be more active in the classroom. With all of that going on, the student will develop communication skills.

At the later stage, the preschool Jakarta will provide a plethora of fun and entertaining learning process. With the principle of IEYC and the combination of mindfulness, students will enjoy the class. They can learn through song, playing games, and many more to develop speaking and listening skills.

The three classes are open to everyone. With the tag of an international school, you can expect that there will be wide ranges of activities and learning here. Along with it, the school employs IEYC and a mindfulness approach to support the study. Each of the programs also has a different focus that is believed to be suitable for the children of the respective ages.

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